Wednesday, January 14, 2015

  • Google Translate Word Lens and live translation hands-on

    The team behind the Google Translate app have successfully created a tool that I can take to Spain to figure out where to find pizza without menu photos of said pizza. Thank you, Google Translate team. Today we're seeing an update to the Google Translate app for iOS, and an imminent update to…

  • Google teams up with auto manufacturers for self-driving car

    Google has announced today that it will be partnering with several major car manufacturers, including Ford, Toyota, and Volkswagen, to speed up production of its self-driving cars.

  • Google details Ara Manager app for wrangling all your modules

    We've known that there'll be an Ara Manager app to help Android users grok their shiny, new modular toys, but we've just gotten a better sense of how it'll actually work when Ara devices trickle into the wild later this year. At its most basic, the a...

  • How to handle one of Android 5.0 Lollipop's most annoying issues

    Android 5.0 Lollipop has been well received so far but as with every new major platform update, there are always some gripes. Dan Lew, for instance, has noticed that Google has made some rather unintuitive changes to Android's notifications settings that everyone should know about before they…

  • Google Classroom goes mobile with Android, iOS app

    Now students can use a native app on their phones and tablets to tap into Google's Classroom program, aimed at helping teachers and students easily track assignments.

  • Facebook at Work: It's Facebook, but for business

    Facebook has just launched a limited pilot program for its new Facebook at Work service. It will offer businesses a way to give their employees collaboration and messaging tools with familiar Facebook features.

  • Understanding WebView and Android security patches

    Why isn't Google updating WebView on Jelly Bean and earlier, and what does it mean? A recent revelation that Google is no longer developing security patches for the "WebView" component of Android in Jelly Bean and earlier has once again put a spotlight on Android security, and the…

  • NBC's Breaking News app hopes to hook you with live video

    While many news aggregators do feature video snippets, NBC's real-time Breaking News service has just introduced a new live video feature to its iPhone app, with the Android incarnation following suit within a couple of months.

  • Google's new Classroom mobile app helps connect teachers and students

    Google has launched a new mobile app as part of its previously-announced Classroom education service . The app offers features designed to help both students and teachers.

  • Xpire, Now On Android, Brings "Disappearing" Posts To Twitter

     Disappearing messages, like those on popular apps like Snapchat, give users a sense of greater privacy when compared to larger, more public social networks like Facebook or Twitter. While not infallible (see 2014's Snapchat hack, for example), the idea is that your content doesn't live forever…

  • Update brings incredible new feature to one of Google's most useful mobile apps

    Google on Wednesday announced a significant update to the mobile version of one of its most popular online services, and it provides exciting new technology that will leave many users breathless. FROM EARLIER: One of Google's most useful services is about to receive amazing new features…

  • Google wants you to buy Project Ara modules from food trucks in first market pilot [VIDEO]

    You read that right. At the second Ara Module Developers' Conference today, Google announced that they've identified a market for the initial pilot for Project Ara. It's Puerto Rico, and you won't believe how Google plans to sell modules for the thing.

  • Google Classroom app now available for Android, iOS

    For a long time, teachers tried to manage smartphone usage in class, trying their best to make sure kids weren't screwing around instead of learning. Now, educators have a reason to let kids stare at screens, as the Google Classroom app is now available on the Play Store. The app will let students…

  • Project Ara modular phones will be sold first in Puerto Rico in 2015

    Google has revealed that the island territory of Puerto Rico will be the location for the first Project Ara market pilot. The modular smartphone system is scheduled to go on sale in the U.S. territory sometime in 2015.

  • Google Launches Classroom Mobile Apps For Android And iOS

     Google's Classroom education initiative launched just about half a year ago, but it's been a web-based affair until now. Today marks the release of Classroom apps for iOS and Android, however, which should help build on the existing 30 million assignments that have been submitted via the…